Fujifilm X-A1 with Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster and Canon FD 50mm/f1.8

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Miki Nemeth
Miki Nemeth Senior Member • Posts: 1,420
Fujifilm X-A1 with Metabones FD-FX Speed Booster and Canon FD 50mm/f1.8

The valuable comments from fellow Fujifilm forum members on the discussion http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/54088184 gave me an (excellent) idea to do some experimenting with my recently acquired gear: the Metabones Speed Booster FD-FX and my beloved old terribly inexpensive FD 50mm/f1.8, which gave me and millions of other photographers a lot of fun for decades. For this experiment I assumed, what if I had only this lens along with the speed booster, a regular FD-FX adapter and the X-A1?

My experimental kit for the forthcoming family holiday week: Fujifilm X-A1, Canon FD 50mm/f1.8, Metabones FD - FX Speed Booster, a regular FD - FX adapter, an AI-FD adapter, a Clearviewer, and the Fujifilm X-A1 in its leather half-case.

The 50mm/f1.8 with the Speed Booster gives the same field/angle of view (FoV) and depth of field (DoF) as a native (XF) 33.3mm/f1.2. The closest match is the XF 35mm/f1.4.

FD 50mm/f1.8 with Speed Booster on X-A1 to get a native 33,3mm/f1.2 equivalent.

Here are then my 33.3mm photos with effective f1.2, f2.8, f5.6 (with actual aperture values of f1.8, f4, f8)

FD 50mm/f1.8 (Speed Boosted) on X-A1 wide open

FD 50mm/f1.8 (Speed Boosted) on X-A1 at f4 (speed-boosted to f2.8)

FD 50mm/f1.8 (Speed Boosted) on X-A1 at f8 (speed-boosted to f5.6)

My favorite brandy jar was about 0.7 m from the camera.

Here a control photo taken with my native XC 16-50mm

XC 16-50mm on X-A1

The 16-50mm at 35mm is a bit longer than the FD 50mm with an FD-FX adapter.

This concludes the first part of my review. Stay tuned, if you are interested to watch the second part.

The entire story started with Redlion's post http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53836687before that I had never thought that I would ever buy a Speed Booster for about the same amount of money as my camera body

I gave 4.5 star rating for the reviewed x-A1, because it works excellently with the speed booster and manual focusing with legacy lenses, for an APS and a 16M sensor it has excellent image quality, it's the smallest Fujifilm camera (much smaller than my ex A7, not even mention DSLR bodies).

If the X-A1 had EVF (I am surprisingly happy with the Clearviewer, though), touch-screen, a bit faster LCD, intervalometer, GPS, remote wifi control, then I would have given 5 stars.

Have fun, Miki

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