170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

ZX11 wrote:

Oh, a teacher needs help changing her car brakes for 7 hours? No problem. Always glad to help a neighbor.

Help a bloated school system? One that doesn't manage money well enough to provide a way to create a year book? No way. Pulling money from basics is an old school trick. Then you can ask the community to provide those basics. It is the oldest trick in the school management manual.

School leaders always throw out teachers to be the image when they grub for more money. The education system is awash in money and it is never enough. The prices just go up and money diverted. So, schools give students laptops, iPads, and smart phones for education purposes. Then build stadiums and indoor Olympic pools that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Always spending far more than tax payers can afford. All in the name of education.

The plan from the beginning was to spend on other things and rely on freebies from the local photographers for the teacher photos. The photographers would help them but they had to sell all their gear to pay their rising property taxes. Good luck.

P.S. I know there might be a school in real need but it is hard to separate it from my local rich schools that cry poor mouth just as hard. Like separating the wheat from the chaff.


If it was 170 kids from Brownsville who would just pay for their prints not the time, that might be a worthy cause. But to work for free for 170 teachers in the first world, on a cosy salary and long holidays? The teachers don't even think it's worth $2-3 each for someone to show up with a lighting rig that doesn't make them look like a zombie?

They are banking on the fact that there are a lot of dads with cameras who might feel community spirited on this.

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