Capture One vs Lightroom for detail

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Capture One vs Lightroom for detail

Beware the claim that Capture One provides more detail than Lightroom from raw conversions. What it does differently to give that impression is that it adds quite a bit of noise reduction and sharpening. Both Capture One and Lightroom had their sharpening and noise reduction disabled.

It should be said that C1's noise reduction and sharpening is much better than Lightroom's so if that's important to you then C1 is worth considering. This post is only to address the claim that the raw algorithm C1 uses is better than any other out there.

C1 Canon 5D3 at 100%

Lightroom Canon 5D3 at 100%

No difference in detail. Couldn't notice a difference at 200%.

C1 Fuji X100s at 200%

Lightroom Fuji X100s at 200%

Noticeably better detail with Lightroom.

update: the C1 samples for some odd reason show the smaller preview images above at a different zoom factor. click original to see the full size.

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