Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

MisterBG wrote:

star shooter wrote:

While it's sad to see the demise of film, chemicals and darkroom work, I wonder how many could master film as good as they do now with digital. Not many I reckon.

Don't judge others by your own ability

Digital has in many ways, allowed many more to ge into the art but it has also made us lazy too, in the way we expect an instant picture and if we don't like we take another.

Nothing wrong with that. With film you had to wait hours or days to see your results, by which time it was too late to take an alternative.
If digital has opened up the possibility of photography to many more people it can only be a good thing, but please don't mistake it for art.

But let's roll back to a time when you had no idea if the image was good until the film was developed and fix then inspected under the enlarger. Back then those who could take on a job and produce results and when a prof. photog. was in great demand, are all gone.

Professional photographers used to take hundreds of shots in the hope that a handful met their brief.
Amateurs could not afford that approach.
With digital there is the ability to take as many shots as you like, effectively at no cost.

not entirely true. Digital cameras also have limited shutter activations. It's actually quite easy to reach such limits with the way so many people take pictures today. But yeah, still easier and much cheaper than with film.

In the days of film I was always aware of the cost when I pressed the shutter release, and I was slightly inhibited by it.
The advent of digital has allowed me to experiment much more and I believe my photography has improved as a result.

In a world that expects instant results, digital photography has unfortunately, created a race of mind-sets that after a few takes, they go about calling themselves 'prof. photographers' How pathetic.

Agree, but I'm not sure that you can blame digital specifically for that.
Many people seem to append the word "photography" to their signature as if it makes them something special.
The definition of "Professional Photographer" is simple - it is someone who earns the majority of their income from the business of photography.

Look how the wedding photog. industry has suffered from el cheapo digital shutterbugs. More and more of the profession is being lost to those who think because they have a wiz bang setup, they're God's gift to the art. How pathetic.

Wedding photography is not "art" it's purely record photography.
Any "art" might come from the ability to arrange poses and settings.

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