Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: One word: POLAROID

contadorfan wrote:

Weegee wrote:

Finally, there was nothing like an evening set aside to make prints. The tools included a bottle of Jack Daniels, some Miles Davis vinyl 33rpm albums and a good sodium vapor safe light. At the end of the night I had 7 good prints and 40 mediocre ones in the wastebasket.

Those were the days!

You sound more like W. Eugene Smith than Weegee. Except I think he liked vodka. In his later years, he had a tv with a red cellophane wrapper on the screen so he could watch tv while printing.

lol, that's funny and awesome.

But music was a favorite companion in the darkroom.

definitely. The same still goes in my light room.

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