Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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it wasn't even really worth developing your own film since it was so cheap just to get the film developed. Then you could do your own printing. The printing was the fun part.

As a teenager I used to buy my Tri-X in large rolls and load my own cartridges and then develop my own film. I would count to 40 or 42 clicks on the film roller and then get 38 shots to a roll of 35mm. That was pretty simple and saved quite a bit. If I were an adult at the time I probably would have had that paid for though but I didn't trust labs much except for color work.

Loading your own film cartridges was hardcore, even for those who developed their own film.

film developing would simply have taken up far more of my time than I felt was worth. I paid a buck a roll to get my film developed. The time and hassle to develop 10 rolls of film wasn't worth me saving 10 bucks, even back then. My darkroom was set up to do just the thing I enjoyed most, printing.

I do miss it. Perhaps in the future I may do it again. Right now though I'm really enjoying digital capture, editing, to traditional photo paper. I'm currently getting my prints done on Kodak's Endura. It's really nice paper and so far looks like it gives noticeably better pop than the Fuji's more commonly used Crystal Archive paper. I never could have imagined back in the film days getting so much better and easier results, especially for color. I'm stunned at how much better my scanned film prints look compared to the same prints done by the labs back then, even many of the professional ones.

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