RX100 - Brazil WC 2014 trip report w/ pics

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RX100 - Brazil WC 2014 trip report w/ pics

I went to Brazil for 3 weeks for the World Cup - this is my trip report/mini review of the RX100MI.

I brought: RX100 with cheap wrist strap and black electrical tape covering the SONY logo, 3 batteries, 1 32GB memory card and 4 16 GB memory cards. My plan was to fill the cards up as I went and import them once home from the trip; I did not have a back up solution for the cards. For a case I used a soft sunglasses drawstring bag thingy.

The only thing I really missed having was a lens pen. The camera got very wet on a few occasions (more on that later) and it was hard to get the lens clean after that. I was more concerned about not having a backup solution for the pictures than I thought I would be, but in the end I would probably do the trip the same way again. The amount of memory I brought was just about right. Battery life was fine, could have even managed with two, but having three was nice.

I shot only RAW, plus used in camera HDR and panorama modes. I used all PASM modes and iAuto mode as well, and probably used P or maybe A the most.

Stats: 2953 still pictures made it back to the states (I also deleted ~couple hundred while in the field). 1368 pictures were imported to Lightroom 5 and PP'd. 528 pictures made it to my facebook album :). 120 video clips taken (AVCHD)

On to what I thought about the RX100.. (Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from my other cameras are RX1 and A7 and I've had a couple NEXs in the past. Also I had gone back and forth a lot on which camera to bring on this trip. I was leaning towards the RX1 until I found a killer deal on a refurbished RX100 and snatched it up for this trip.) I was very happy with the overall performance of the RX100 and it was definitely the correct camera for the trip.

- Fit in my pocket. I was in some sketchy places. Scratch that, Brazil is a sketchy place. We got robbed at gunpoint halfway through the trip. Luckily my camera was in the room at the time. Many times during the trip I was very happy to be able to put in my pants pocket out of site. While I haven't owned one, I think the extra thickness of the Mark II or III would have significant impact on pocketabiltiy.
- Overall performance was good-great. Focus speed, operation, all snappy.
- Image quality was good, better than I expected actually.
- Battery life was great. No complaints at all here.
- Having zoom was nice, but I used it at widest angle most of the time.
- The camera is very water resistant! I got caught in a canoe in a tremendous rain storm and had nothing to protect the camera except my baseball cap. I took a video throughout the entire 7 minute storm and the camera was fine. It was soaked. At the end of the trip I took the camera in a boat under a giant waterfall, protected only under my poncho. It took a day for the moisture to evaporate out of the lens, but now the camera is fine.

- Pushing the files in PP was a lot harder than with bigger sensor cameras. I was able to do it for the most part to the degree I wanted, but I had to be a lot more careful and treat each image individually to get the file to tweaked without overdoing it. This made PPing all my images take freaking forever. But I'm also a perfectionist.
- The camera metered dark. I was pushing most shots up about 0.5-1 EV in post. Still this is better than blown highlights I suppose.
- When pushing the shadows I got strong magenta cast, stronger on the left than on the right. Is this normal? I was wondering since mine is a refurbished unit.
- Annoying behavior of if you take a shot and then want to turn it off immediately there is a several second delay as the camera writes to the card. Not horrible, but annoying at times.

Overall, quite the trip and I'm glad I had the RX100 with me to document it. Here are 21 pictures from the trip...

Sony Alpha 7 Sony RX1 Sony RX100
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