The results are in - WOW!

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The results are in - WOW!

The pop-quiz results are in and mamallamabama did not disappoint. In case you missed it, here it is again:

Part #1) Mamallamadingdong - read this article then cut and paste every single "racist" word or sentence into your response:

The Vacant Presidency | National Review Online

If with the best of your ability to be objective you just cannot find one, please let us know.

Part #2) If Part #1 is confounding you or making you nauseous, cut and paste every false statement from the article into your response.

The article was written by a Fox News employee, an certified racist with an obvious agenda against the first black president (after Bill Clinton). As our little closet-redneck friend and his colleagues (you know who you are) have posted about 4,000,000 times, there is NOTHING on Fox News that is not racist.

Here are the answers and results:


Part #1 - ZERO

Part #2 - ZERO

Mamallamadingdong's results:

He handed in a blank paper so that means his answers were ZERO and ZERO.

WE HAVE A WINNER! Yippee. Mamallamadingdong gets an A+. Congrats mama, there is a case of Skoal on its way to your door.

James M.

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