What is equivalence good for?

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Re: What is equivalence good for?

JBurnett wrote:

jackdan wrote:

1. It can be a useful tool if you can benefit from it.

Well, there you go. I might say "It can be a useful tool if you want to compare different formats, and choose to benefit from it".

Outside of DPR, it plays a useful but very minor role for most photographers.

Most likely. However, as one who helps with education at our local camera club, I do deal with equivalencies when presenting on such topics as ISO/noise or depth of field. When a new user of a compact camera approaches me and wants to know why he/she can't get as shallow a depth of field for a portrait as the guy shooting full-frame and a 135mm prime at f/2, then a discussion about DOF related to aperture AND sensor size ensues. Of course, I have to gauge how much detail I explore with the individual. With most, it's very basic.

I have only dealt with 35 mm film, APS-C and point and shoot, so my perspective is distorted. My experience with this so called equivalence is pretty much limited to equivalent focal lengths. Certainly, since different sensor sizes have become popular, the role of "equivalence" is increasing. Your point about P & S cameras is well taken; there is nothing new about them.

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