What is equivalence good for?

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Re: Here we are:

Great Bustard wrote:

jackdan wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

jackdan wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

jackdan wrote:

1. It can be a useful tool if you can benefit from it. Outside of DPR, it plays a useful but very minor role for most photographers.

2. You can make a hobby out of it by discussing or bickering about it, reading, thinking, studying, and writing about it.

3. You can kill some time by reading very entertaining internet threads about it.

4. You can join a cult to either extol or denounce it's virtues, on DPR anyway.

5. You could write a PhD thesis about the personalities of us who post on internet threads about it.

Well it was very predictable that you would use this thread to promote and generate clicks for your treatise...

Given that there are no ads, whatsoever, on my site, what interest would I have in generating clicks for it?

I don't know, let me think. Oh yeah, your ego.

I don't have any counters on my website -- I don't know how many hits it gets. And what if I did? What concern is that of yours?

...which by the way is very useful, but has probably gotten much too long, but I think you broke your previous record time for doing so,

There are the Quick Summaries, for those that don't want to read the whole thing.

Thank you for that.

It's not like I just put them up after your post, so what's up with your criticism of the Essay being "too long" when they were there all along?

This is in no way a criticism of so called equivalence. As I said. "It can be a useful tool if you can benefit from it."

Truth be told, you seem pretty bitter about it. Is that my imagination?

It is your imagination. What is called equivalence around here is what it is. It is a tool, nothing to get emotional about. Well there is that cult thing, though.

Pretty obvious that you're the one getting emotional, getting your panties in a bunch fretting about my ego getting massaged by hits that I don't even record, not to mention that "cult" crack. Fer chrissakes, man...

GB, post "Equivalence" as often as you want - just don't call it "equivalent exposure" - that's a blasphemy.

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