170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

coronawithlime wrote:

Richard Weisgrau wrote:

What have you done this week to make some peoples' futures better?

My wife and I contribute yearly 12 charities, to a tune of somewhat more than $100 Perhaps you do also.

Yes, I do. Generally,  I contribute 3% of my net income. to charities.

We also volunteer at the church and participate in missionary work on occasion. My wife volunteers at her old place of employment.

I commend you for that.

I suspect that most everyone on this site works just as hard at their job as teachers do. Many also support other organizations. Your statement strikes me as an implication they do otherwise. I not only find it condescending and insulting, I can't imagine how you could possibly have any information on which to base it. Perhaps I misunderstood your tone.

No implication of the sort you felt intended at all. I never said others do not work as hard as teachers. I worked a heck of a lot harder than my teacher wife. Like most I never got extended vacations, benefits, etc. IF you go back and carefully read my post you will see that I made no comparisons at all.

What I said was that so many contributors to this thread dumped on the teacher as if she was some kind of pariah seeking to exploit. I pointed out that she was just trying to  get a job done with no budget to do it through no fault of her own.

Yes her expectations were unrealistic but that does not mean her motives were exploitative.

Yes, I appreciate teachers. Also policemen and janitors. Also food service workers and the guys who just put the new roof on my house. All are necessary, and I certainly don't see one form of employement as being more or less deserving of appreciation than the next. Well, maybe politicians………..

I agree. As I sais originally and again above, it was unkind to paint her the the way many did.

Everybody seems to have their hand out these days. Many are deserving of assistance. Since you can't give to everybody you must prioritize. High school yearbooks, important though they may be to somebody, are simply not very high on my list of needy organizations.

I agree that we all should have priorities. I certainly do. So far this year I have donated my photography services to three nonprofits that I think do remarkable work. I would give that teacher a free day because I think many teachers do remarkable work. I like to pay my rent on earth because I have had a successful career, and I feel good helping when I think that help is valued.

By the way, I like your web site. Some nice work there.

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