170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

Erik Magnuson wrote:

ZX11 wrote:

170 teachers sounds like a school with a budget that could do this.

Maybe. We don't know why they are asking for a volunteer instead of paying. Most likely it's because school budget categories are not fungible - you can't always just take money from one pot and put it in another.

If they don't have a photography club, then they reap the rewards of that choice.

Wow, so harsh. You must have a grudge against schools.

And who is "they"? The students? The teachers? The administration? The ones who are most impacted are the ones who have the least control.

170 head shots over a full work day sounds like a job not a volunteer slot.

Some people volunteer that much time out of a sense of community. Or to make things easier for those they know and care for. Perhaps you feel this way because you cannot relate it yourself -- if your sister/brother/in-law/friend asked you for such help, you would automatically say no because it's too much work? Sounds pretty cold to me.

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Grudge against schools?  Maybe.  I am sure they have a grudge against me and anyone who doesn't fork over all their money to such a worth while cause.  I have seen their spending habits and shake in fear

Yes, I volunteer for a whole day.  Mostly to build homes or paint old people's houses.  It is a volunteer organization.  One that does not tax its fellow citizens and then ask for donated time.

This is a photography site.  There is even a pro forum here.  Hearing that a government organization has devalued photographer's time to zero, kinda sets me on edge.  Just someone else who thinks photographers are nothing but button clickers and shouldn't be paid for their work.  They need to stand behind everyone else who wants a photographer for free.  Expecting them to work all day for the experience or exposure.

Now I am off to try to find a volunteer to put in a retaining wall for free.  Anyone that doesn't want to or thinks "it's too much work", sounds pretty cold to me.  I could do it myself or pay someone.  But then I wouldn't have learned from my education system (try to get a volunteer (sucker) first).

Really it doesn't matter.  Schools will do what they do regardless.  I am just avoiding moving several wheel barrels worth of dirt for that wall, by commenting on school management, and photographer's value.

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