170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

David Pavlich wrote:

If it's a worthy project, I would think that there would be enough interested students and teachers to come up with a plan to raise the funds and have it done quickly and efficiently by a pro.

That's an alternative - but it takes significant volunteer time and effort as well. It spreads the load across more people though but is ultimately less efficient.

Otherwise, go to Wallgreen's and buy a bunch of disposables and have at it. There's free processing software out there as well. It all comes down to priorities. If this is really important, those involved will find a way.

And they will probably find a way.  But one way is to get a volunteer for the photography.   You also have to think of the back-end processing: all of these images should  have similar brightness, framing, and composition.  The total man-hours and effort to go from shot to layout would be much reduced with better controlled shots.  I don't know if you ever worked on a yearbook, but typically every resource is in short supply: calendar time, money, and man-hours available.

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