The best $500 light zoom lens for 100D/SL1 ...

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Re: The best $500 light zoom lens for 100D/SL1 ...

hobo wrote:

Thanks - impressive!

If you were with Olympus, you probably remember 14-54. I still keep my E-500 and all the lenses, although do not use them too often. The E-500 /14-54 were busy for years, comparing with 18-180 and 50. Then I moved to m4/3 and sometimes use the 4/3->m4/3 lens adapter, it works.

Well, if the SL1 is all about weight and small size, I am trying to be consistent and find the only zoom lens in the same weight category. It still seems that the kit STM lens is probably the best option for starting - if someone smart will not justify e.g. Tamron 24-75 instead!

Tamron has an 24-70mm vc and a 28-75mm non vc.

The 24-70 is brilliant on a 5d mkiii. Great vc for filming fast constant aperture and it's very sharp across the frame in stills.

For an sl-1 it's just complete overkill and you will miss the wide-end.

The stm is good starter lens but the sigma 17-70 is better.

The sigma is simply a full stop faster. At 70mm it's a decent portrait lens ands the faster aperture allows you to use lower iso's.

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