The best $500 light zoom lens for 100D/SL1 ...

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Re: The best $500 light zoom lens for 100D/SL1 ...

hobo wrote:

nyer82 wrote:

The lightest zoom would be the 18-55mm kit lens (either STM or other versions).

Once you start getting more expensive than that, everything gets heavier. You'll get longer focal ranges, and/or wider apertures but this comes at a weight cost.

The 18-55mm (especially STM version, with front element that doesn't rotate) is a very good lens, very underrated, light, I'd definitely have it. The lack of zoom range is made up for by the weight as well as a very close minimum focus range... I think it's about 25cm. The IS is pretty good as well.

You are right, I am just trying to find something like Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 - but lighter if possible.

That tamron has no IS and no wide-angle on your camera.

This is probably the lens you want.

It's sharp

has the range you want

has an relatively fast aperture

silent af


and it's in budget.

No experience with Canon stuff. My favourite Oly 14-54 -like lens for Canon would be great - if exists.

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