5D Mark III only good as a trophy siting on tablet

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5D Mark III only good as a trophy siting on tablet

Hope you guy`s success with that 5D3 and rain.

I posted about this before, after 2 months I took rain with the 5D3, It worked fine till get into metro, I passed cloth on top and under. After I fliped the cam for better cleaning.

The camera gave me a mechanic error problem.

I got sugest by the seler to request a new cam from Canon.

I explained my problem. They said no exchange, we want to see the camera and will repair it. I dried it by myself an send it 1 month later, since I had a family wedding to cover.

Ounce they got the cam they requested 3500$ + Tx for a new cam. and voided my warranty.

I replied that my cam was working and send it back to me.

They kept my cam for a month, took 3750 pics or videos with it (CHANCE I AM THE OWNER).

I sended registered letter to get a new cam but they didn`t reply.

Haven't been farther since my country law is to corrupt.

This june 24 th, like 14 month after purchase, it was raining nails. Since my bad experience with that, I bough a rain cover with sleeves.

Took picture from the event I was to. When coming back home I fliped the cam for a better support and safe way to walk in crowd. A bit later, it started to zoom and unzoom on the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II.

At home I took the rain cover off but the cam was capout!

When it`s not water it`s condensation. Did you guy`s think about that.

This cam is not what it`s suppose to be, it`s to be use inside studio or be carefull, you`re wallet will open and cost alot (IF YOU ARE MORE LUCKY THEN ME) .

I sended to the japanese who fixed my XSi for same problem.

One month already pass, no cost evaluation yet. I phoned and he said he is missing a part, he can t get it anywhere and may need to send to CANON. he said the guy is trying to find kind of the piece number for a main piece costing 100$, lots of weird thing. I told him canon will not repair my cam since story I mentioned already.

That guy is japanese, I don t understand why he doesn`t talk with Canon in Japan where they build them. He is much in better situation then me to get understood.

Sounds my 10 years of shooting is end. I will not buy any more of those products not suitable for our climat.

Canon UK putted in spec. Water seal and so. In north america are we stupid fish.

Realy I can`t deal with this 5D3 since I am taking care of my gear religiously.

I am waiting one more week if he get no success, I will go get my cam and may use it as a 4000$ trophy, what it`s good for.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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