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Re: Initial views on RX10

VinceC wrote:

I will update this when I have more experience, I have had the camera for a few days and am comparing it to my Olympus M4/3.

The good

Size, well put together. It is NOT all metal as the marketing folk claim, much of the body is plastic, but good quality, well designed and this is not an issue. I have seen the lens hood criticised - personally I like it and it is neat and fits well. Having a pop up flash is great after my Oly "sticky on" flashes.

Colour and detail from the RAW files is good, and they process in Lightroom well. Much easier to get an attractive colour profile than Olympus.

Menus and control panel. Great - a fantastic job coming from the dismal depths of a Nex 7 I once had. They are well laid out, easy to access and clear. Considerably clearer than my Olys.

Jury's Out

The files at ISO 400 and above are noisier than I expected, more so than current M4/3. This is an area I need to develop and may revise as I play with different sharpening and noise reduction settings.

Dynamic range is another area of concern. It is easy to blow highlights to white, where they can't be recovered. Much more so than current M4/3.

Focus seems a bit ponderous, but this may be learning.

Electronic zoom. This may yet be a killer for me - coupled with battery life (below). It is slow, and I'm used to a quick twist to get what I want. Why put it on an "enthusiast" camera? To me it just doesn't suit the market. Maybe it was a decision based on size and cost - not practicality and ease of use.

A killer?

Battery life is looking very poor. I have bought a second (clone) battery and external charger. I am going to Germany shortly and considering batteries 3&4. I am used to carrying a spare battery, but am not confident that two batteries will see me through a day's holiday shooting. I bought the camera as a "grab and go" that I could take anywhere as a small, but effective package. Toting several spare batteries kills that - and may have me leave it on the shelf, or in the hotel, and reach for my Olys.

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Vince C

Well, I agree, the battery use is very dismal! There are 2 things I thought I would really like, the zoom, Don't like it, it's slow and sucks battery power big time.

I also thought that I would like the aperture ring, like in the good old days, Wow, I now prefer using a scrolling wheel like on many cameras. It's too close to the focus/zoom ring, and you can't tell which one your using, if you have the aperture ring set to step-less. I feel like I have to use two hands to make adjustment. Normally I would make all my adjustments with my right hand and once I'm set then use my left hand to focus and support the camera. To me it's clumsy.

Pretty darn noisy above ISO400. But I kind of knew that might happen, being a small sensor.

It's a great video camera though, I just use it the old fashion way and set everything manually. I use an external monitor to set my shots up. I do like the lens and the macro capabilities. Undecided If I'm going to keep it.

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