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First, thanks everybody for replying.

Mike & Joe: I see what you're saying. There is too much in the scene. Too much to look at without a clear subject. To make things worse, I oversharpened it - putting too much focus on everything.

The primary thing that overwhelmingly attracted me to take the picture were the beautiful clouds. I found them striking and had to capture them. (This year I'm really noticing the beauty in clouds. The beauty was always there but I guess I was looking elsewhere)

My original image used the rule of thirds with the sky getting the 2/3rds. But the top of the image had a large, blank gap of sky which made it look strange/unbalanced. If I had framed it differently by zooming in before the image capture, I would have cropped the blank sky area but also the width and the many people left to right. So I cropped it during post thus altering the horizon at the third mark. During my revision below, I kept the same aspect ratio with the added foreground but had to take a little off the top to maintain it and thereby pushing the horizon even more towards the middle.

Mike I've taken a lot of shots of the view in the past (some posted on 1022) but decided this time to get the "viewers viewing the view" - as something different.

Lou:The 12-40mm is a sharp lens but a lens can never by too sharp for me. The real problem is that I oversharpened it in post. I've started using both capture sharpening and output sharpening in my workflow recently, really like the results. But here I was just too over aggressive with the radius and strength in the USM. It really becomes obvious to me now that I did a revision.

In my revision below I created a mask for the sky/clouds that took a whole hour (!) with the Magic Wand tool in PSP x6. Not magical enough a tool for me! I also made another mask for all the people and left the remainer (ground and view) as a third part, all processed a little differently with varying degrees of sharpening or no sharpening before I merged them together.

Andrew: I did actually process this image cloning out the barrel and bench before this thread began but decided on not using it (wrongly I guess). I didn't think about adding more foreground to the image though (good idea).

Below I did those things while created a couple of masks as Lou suggested and leaving out some processing steps I used the first time. I used no capture sharpening on the sky and adjusted the clouds more on the cool side this time. I did use capture sharpening on the figures with less on the ground area and a lot less on the view area thus softening the image overall. I also was able to get a bit more shadows and DR in the clouds for a little (very little) bit more dramatic effect. I think the result is better but the sky mask for some reason left white lines around some clouds ruining the image. (I haven't seen that before - it happened after I merged it I think)

Still, it wasn't a waste of time. I learned some new things processing it.

All: Lessons I learned: I should have started with one of my other images first. I had others with the bench complete, the horizon even and the exposure better. The image I chose to process had more people scattered around while the others had fewer or all to one side. Using one of the better images to start with would have required a lot less processing/time and probably would have given a better result.

That's why this thread is good. You forced me to work a lot harder on this image!



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