170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

TomBas wrote:

My lovely daughter-in-law said she is looking for a photographer to shoot 170 head and shoulder shots of teachers for a year book. It needs to be done in one seven hour day and they cannot afford to pay anyone. I wished her luck but I was secretly glad we live 1,500 miles apart so I did not have to turn her down.

After reading the mostly condescending posts in this thread I am bit turned off by them. The OP's daughter-in-law is a teacher. She is not an administrator or financier. She is a teacher.  They are the folks who help us become what we are. My wife was a teacher for 40+ years. She was the yearbook advisor for 2 years. She had no control over the the school's budget. Her job was to produce yearbook with students doing as much as possible. The senior portrait studio gave the school a 10% rebate on portrait sales. The admins spent that money on other budget items. The students sold yearbook ads, but they raise little $ these days.

My wife (now retired from teaching) gets letters, calls, and emails from past students who value what she taught them. Many of them were prompted to contact her when they took a look at their senior year Yearbook albeit many years later.

So before you dump on the needs of a teacher trying to get a job done in spite of not being given the resources to get that job done, ask yourself this:

What have you done this week to make some peoples' futures better?

I am willing to contribute $100 to help the OP's daughter-in-law get what she needs. If I were near her, I would do the work for her at no charge. I value teachers. Do you? Want to contribute to the need?  Sign up in this thread.

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