Help evaluating a 70-200vr2

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Re: Help evaluating a 70-200vr2

I wasn't quite sure about the latter results either.  However my main concern about the consistent problematic corner at ~35 feet led me to get it replaced already, and get a third copy delivered today.

Like I just said in a different reply, doing that outdoor focus-recompose series of 5 shots with this third sample, all four DX corners look fantastic. (haven't evaluated FX yet since the D7100 is more of a known quantity at this point, and I can compare apples to apples) They are not only similar to each other, but very close in quality to the center, which is roughly what I came into this expecting.

The one thing I need to take a closer look at, besides the FX extremes, is some odd results I got indoors with a single-exposure 5-target chart.  Outdoors, the upside down shots looked great.  Indoors, the top of the frame was great, the center (where I focused) was soft, and the bottom was downright blurry.  I don't know if it's possible to bump things around while VR is off, or if it was just my fault in technique (I spent like 5 minutes on this during an extended lunch break).

Any advice on where to start with that?  I'm feeling like the third time was a charm here and am pumped to use this lens on the D810 for some shoots this weekend, but I just want to be sure.

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