Renting a body -- what would you do????

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Renting a body -- what would you do????

I'm headed to Antarctica in Late January next year.

I am planning on brining a 1dx (already own) and a backup 1dx (this second body will need to be rented / borrowed)

Before I arrive in Antarctica and after I return from Antarctica I will be doing a bit of traveling throughout Chile.

I am keen on having a backup body while in Antarctica, however I don't think I need a backup body while in Chile

Detailed time frame:

Pickup rented body day before trip

Depart US and fly to Chile, spend 5 day's

Depart Chile and go to antarctica, spend 10 day's

Depart antarctica and go to Chile, spend 5 days

Depart Chile and go to US/home

Return rented body as quickly as possible

The total time on my international trip will be 22ish days

The time I need the backup body will only be 10 of these days

If I had my wish - I'd rent the body for the 10day's i'll be in antarctica

What the rental places are saying is that I need to rent the body before I leave on my trip and return it when I get back to the USA, that means I'll be renting the body for 22ish days.

At 22 days the cost is just about $1,000 (rounded to $1,000, with insurance, shipping....)

If you follow the setup above here is the question:

1) Rent the body for the entire trip and be happy I have a 2nd body for the entire trip

2) Borrow a friends body and give them the same amount of money

3) Have my friend rent the body and mail it to me internationally (renting total is approx 10+ days (with shipping involved))

4) Buy a used body from ebay/craigslist and resell after the trip

5) Buy a NEW 1dx and tell my personal finance department that this is just a requirement of the trip (you will then see 2 - 1dx's for sale)

Some things you should know:

* I am making the following requirements (no negotiation here)

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I will rent the exact same equipment that I own - so a 1dx is required

--- I must have a 2nd body on the Antarctica portion of the trip

--- I can NOT adjust the trip setup, like stopping back in the USA to pick up a lens

--- I can NOT have someone fly down with the 2nd body before my antarctica portion of the trip starts

I think I've covered all my MUST have / NEED to have's and now I need to know what other creative ideas are out there to save a bunch of money.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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