Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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what's 3-D?

Erational wrote:

My anxiety comes in the form of wondering if I will loose that ethereal 3-D-ness I cherish so much with my M-series camera.

Before talking about losing something it would be nice to define what it is.

What I think people are talking about is the impression of volume and distance that a mind infers from a picture. If that's the case then 3D-ness is simply a property of the lens and the subject and has nothing to do with the camera. If you want to create more perceivable volume and distance information you need to use a wide angle lens and come close to the subject. Then some separation from the background would also accentuate the main subject, so shooting wide open for narrower DOF will also be beneficial. It can be done with any camera:

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