Sony A7R shutter shock? new owner- please advice

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Re: Sony A7R shutter shock? new owner- please advice

Hi, I am going to buy A7R (I own A7 now).. but I would like to have more magnesium body and 36mpx sensor.. I am only aware of shutter shock. Is that a big issue? I own samyang 85mm f1,4 and zeiss 100mm f2 makro .. these two lenses are the longest I own... thank you for your advice

Not an issue.

Also, the whole 36mpx is overrated since you already have a 24. (unless you really really need or want it badly)

IMO, magnesium body can be barely felt when comparing the two but the buttons yes.

I would recommend buying some better lenses with that money.

But I do understand that sometimes we have to scratch that itch.

Goos luck anyway

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