Old Nikkor AI/AI-S lenses

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Serge 07
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Re: Old Nikkor AI/AI-S lenses

David A. Hamments wrote:

Hi VanA... Check out the manual focus Nikon glass thread on Fred Miranda... it's been running for years (literally)! You won't find a nicer group of photographers anywhere and these lenses are their passion!

Cheers and good light, D. Hamments
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David, that is one dangerous thread! After viewing many fantastic photos for two years, I began building a decent collection of Nikkor MF glass, beginning with a new 28mm f/2.8 AI-s (awesome lens). I have added few more and all have been excellent performers and their build quality is superb. These lenses have also added a fun factor to my photography that was most welcomed.

The added bonus is that they work perfectly on all Nikon bodies plus anything else under the sun, with an inexpensive adapter. Talk about versatility & being future proof.


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