170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

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Re: 170 head and shoulder shots with no pay

Erik Magnuson wrote:

yooperguy wrote:

they should be able to demonstrate some self help to do their own selfies...

Again, someone who has totally missed the point of who yearbooks are for. Sure, anyone with a camera (or phone) could take 170 photos, but the hope is probably for a bit more consistency. Yearbooks are not typically profit centers -- for the schools at least. So the options are likely cut something else, raise additional money, or get a volunteer to take the photos. I assume no one ever donated anything of value to any school you attended or you would be familiar with this option.

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170 teachers sounds like a school with a budget that could do this.  Or, at least get help from the journalism class or photography club.  If they don't have a photography club, then they reap the rewards of that choice.  If they do, maybe pay them in bennies like snack bar access or a private session in the school's new indoor heated pool.

170 head shots over a full work day sounds like a job not a volunteer slot.

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