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With DAM I'm looking for insight into cataloguing and storage, mainly. I already have LR5 and Aperture. It seems Aperture is being discontinued and I'm wondering now if I should even attempt to use it. I bought it in March this year. I've called Apple to request a refund, but - TOUGH!!!!!!! I can't wait to join THAT lawsuit!

At any rate, my needs for an editor seem to be in line with what LR offers. That's what I need to learn. A friend has offered a copy of PS3 which has enough tools and functionality to do most of what I might need. My focus is on my best images which I would like to show. I want to get more paid work, as well, so need the ability to edit and print to very high standards. I also wish to preserve my best indefinitely and printing seems to be the best way. As an old school film photographer I've always done everything myself. I'm in the midst of taking a great leap in technology and in my own understanding and am gathering all the tools I can to pave my way. Thanks for your input.

You seem to be looking for a DAM and editing program oriented toward photographers. LR5 would fit the bill for you. I use it so much that I rarely have to open PS (cc), except for heavy edits that LR just isn't as well suited for. And, I print from LR5 in preference to anything else (see Jeff Schewe's writings on this).

Here are some suggestions for LR books:

Martin Evening's LR 5 Book: The best and most comprehensive one I've ever read.

Victoria Bampton's FAQ LR5 book: An essential reference that will answer just about any LR question you can think of (and many more you didn't even realize needed asking).

There are other good books out there but these are the ones I've found the most useful.

BTW, I come from film and wet darkroom days too.

Also: Have you considered subscribing to Adobe's cc? It will give you the latest PS and LR.


That link to Victoria Brampton is a MUST read for 'english' speaking readers, makes other high profile Authors' books look and sound like a textbook for used car salesmen, slick, incomplete and misleading where Victoria is brief, on target, on trigger and Bullseye! IMHO

Her site (Lightroom Queen) is also a fantastic resource. She often answers questions herself.

Not my intention to offend, or generate tribal war. I'm just old enough to know that the "You Can " brigade are full of wind, tinsel, tassels, and no substance.

If you really need to use, and get real value from LR and want to know how to get things done that still elude you, without feeling that you don't understand or have a learning difficulty - read Victoria.

Her LR book pulled my rear end out of the fire on more than one occasion.

Agree,  she is very hands on with her readeship, a real "find" IMHO

also downloaded the Martin Evening book, have not had a look yet, but a person that recomends a book as good as Victorias' and says this is good too, well just HAD to go with the flow - many thanks again.

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