considering Olympus to Fuji

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markymark101 Senior Member • Posts: 1,261
considering Olympus to Fuji

I know these threads are often useless but here we go....

I've been thinking about trying out Fujifilm - specifically the X-T1. I'm currently using Olympus e-m5 with a number of lenses. Reason - I've generally been happy with m43, but sometimes I just feel the images are lacking - not sure why - maybe it's the photographer - or maybe I just get an itich every few years to try something new. I mainly shoot landscapes when hiking and vacation type pics.

So are there any former m43 users here who have some insight?

A few random thoughts from what I've read:

Olympus has some of the best autofocus in the mirrorless world. Fuji, initially not so much, but the most recent cameras have pretty much fixed that problem.

M43 has tiny quality lenses. Fuji has put together a nice portfolio well regarded lenses. Shooting landscapes, the Fuji 14mm has me intrigued. Fuji doesn't appear to have a standard zoom of the quality of the Oly 12-40, but the 18-55 is pretty decent for a kit lens, but I may need to be looking at shooting primes mostly with Fuji.

The drawback to the larger sensor is larger lenses. Fuji's lenses look to often be twice as heavy as some of the m43 equivalent, and that's something I'm going to want to think long and hard about.

IQ, Fuji OOC jpegs are very good, but finding a RAW processer might be an issue. I'm a Lightroom user. Lightroom will now work with Fuji, but I may need to look at other options.

And of course there's the subjective IQ area. Most of what I've read says the IQ between the two is very close. I suppose what I see with my Olympus equipment is noise even at low ISO; it can be dealt with but sometimes disappointing.  There's not a huge difference with DOF between m43 and APS-C sized sensors, but it might be nice to have a bit more ability to isolate the subject.

I've also thought about going FF with the Sony A7, but I think that system needs to mature a bit more.  Also, my shooting skills may be better suited for something more forgiving than FF.

I guess that's it.  Thoughts?

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