Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: I think you had to be 13

MatsP wrote:

I know Polaroid was very popular in the US but for some reason it never reached the similar use here in Europe

. I think it was romoured to give bad quality and the film was rather expensive. Although I now know photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe used it (I discovered that to my astonishment when I read Patti Smith's book "Just kids"). In Europe more ambitious amateurs preferred slides while negative film was most popular for ordinary family and travel snapshots. There were lots of labs based on delivery by mail that obtained fast service to a very low price (and sometimes duobious quality). Best printing quality outside pro labs was obtained from the one-hour labs that were common at least in bigger cities, to a somewhat higher price.

Developing b/w film is not very compicated but mastering an enlarger and making prints is an art you never reach full skills in as an amateur. Not talking about colour prints! I know, been there, done that!

For me who is grown up on film it's easy to think of jpg direct out of camera as slides and raw and using LR as darkroom work.

you can't speak of Europe in such a way. You are comparing a country to a continent of countries with many different markets at the time and obviously many different cultures. I doubt very much you would know how popular Polaroid was in each country throughout Europe. Perhaps one or a few countries, maybe.

a person did not need to be a professional to master darkroom printing. It's really not very difficult.

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