XF 90mm f/2 R is on the roadmap

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Re: I'm excited. But I'd be more excited if it was faster

Why do you say 90/2 lenses are big?  My old Pentax 85/2 took a 49mm filter.  So did the OM 85/2.  My Nikon AIS 85/2 takes a 52mm filter.  The Canon FD 85mm f1.8 and 100mm f2 also took 52mm filters.  They're all FF lenses.  Sure the Fuji 90/2 will have to have a bigger body to fit the AF motor, but it's the optics that determine the front element diameter and filter size.  There should also be a saving in the fact that it only has to cover APSC (unless they're future-proofing it by making it cover FF).

I'm also hoping that it will be reasonably affordable.  I've read that 85-105mm lenses are relatively straightforward to design to achieve high IQ levels.  Certainly there are plenty of excellent legacy lenses 'out there' in that FL range.  There's no alternative AF prime but if it's too expensive it won't sell well because it'll be coming to the system late and people will keep using the 55-200mm zoom and/or legacy MF lenses.   After all that's what they're using now......


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