DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

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Re: DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

I don't mean to be rude, couldn't help it! I have seen others swap images from camera.

That you would suspect me of swapping the exif for the sake of an internet forum discussion says more about your integrity than anything.

I don't see what it has to do with my integrity?  I've seen swapping before.  I've been using Sigmas for years and the images look suspect.  You POSTED them for comparison and I gave an OPINION on it.  What's YOUR problem in that you feel a need to insult me.  If you don't want others honest opinions about your images why post them?

There are factual reasons why I believe the images are reversed.  I didn't say it to be cute.  If the dpreview site worked better and I could get my graphic up here I can show you.

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