Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

bford wrote:

With digital I can sometimes take way over 30 hours to finish one shot. Digital has made things both easier and more complex depending on how you want it.

the key words there is how you want it. No one is forcing you to do more digitally than you did in the darkroom.

I find clients do, 25 years ago it was almost unheard of to ask for opening 'blinkers' eyes, enhancing skin and age shifting. Making people slimmer, larger breasted etc etc

Not a fair comparison since there was no analog equivalent of stitching panoramas.

We did that a few times. You could take several shots and print them cutting and aligning and mount on board. After that you would copy them in the studio on 8x10 film.

I remember doing a huge one from several negatives of Hong Kong Harbour at night with fireworks for the reception backdrop of a large company–so there very much was/is an analogue version of panoramic stitching.

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