HELP choosing a 400 w/s head LIGHTWEIGHT with battery power

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Re: HELP choosing a 400 w/s head LIGHTWEIGHT with battery power

Just a note on those power packs from Lumedyne here on Flickr:

The LiFePo4 battery shown from battery space would work in theory to upgrade a Lumedyne battery. I don't know if it will fit into the Mini or Small enclosure. One thing to consider is that the battery is safety regulated to 7 amps and so it will power the slowest #065 pack ok. However, any of the X Packs want 14 amps to recycle at full speed and the more modern Packs running at their fastest settings pull 28 amps. So, if you try to use this with those more modern packs, at best it will be extremely slow (1/4 of normal speed) or could blow a fuse in the battery or something.
If Maui Beach is using a Lumedyne Pack to power the QFlash, then the new Lithium Batteries that we offer have a long 10 year pro-rate warranty and will provide all the amps needed for full speed recycling. Yes they cost more than the friendly Asian guys' from Battery Space but it is a Factory guaranteed solution. You will need the Lithium Charger as well...
I hope that helps...

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