Focal length 35mm equivalent, but not F-stop?

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Re: A Camera Club Perspective

mostlyboringphotog wrote:

Thanks for your view from the ground up - I do lose what the focus (pun intended) of all this is: is it to help the consumers or the (budding) photographers?

Best advice for the consumers, IMHO, is to show them at least what the scene modes are. As I speak, even this is being superseded by the intelligent auto scene select. And for the budding photographers, my advice is to choose the "sexiest cam" you can afford - at least you will look good even if your photo may not

As for choosing a good/sexy-looking cam, our club does have a couple of women who chose white and red DSLRs when they had the choice. "A chacun son gout".

The thing I find interesting in this (and other) discussions is the assertion that camera manufacturers are being deliberately deceptive when stating only focal-length equivalency for a lens on a format less than full frame. I find the focal-length conversion is helpful/convenient, especially when looking at compact cameras. The rest is probably confusing for most beginning photographers. If neophytes thought they had to understand equivalencies before they could purchase or use a camera, a lot would simply forget the whole thing and continue to use their cell phone.

At the camera club, we sometimes have a member who wants to know how he can achieve a certain look with his camera. Occasionally this leads to the discussion of different camera formats (eg. a member with an older, small-sensored bridge cam, looking to take portraits that look the same as the guy using 135mm f/2.0 on FF). Funny, but I don't ever remember hearing anyone say "Hey, no one told me that. I feel cheated by being sold this camera!"

What's very obvious is that, even with excellent explanatory articles such as the one here on DPR, people continue to think about equivalencies in whatever way that makes sense to them, and seems important to them. Perhaps we need a second definition for Circle of Confusion: A prolonged discussion revolving around equivalencies between cameras of different formats. 

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