Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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With study, effort, time and desire of course people could.

star shooter wrote:

While it's sad to see the demise of film, chemicals and darkroom work,

Ah yes, the demise.   If digital cameras started getting the jobs in 2002 that demise is  a dozen years ongoing now. And counting.

I wonder how many could master film as good as they do now with digital. Not many I reckon.

No strong arguments here. But I believe with study, effort, desire and time new masters would emerge.

Digital has in many ways, allowed many more to ge into the art but it has also made us lazy too, in the way we expect an instant picture and if we don't like we take another.

There's a plug-in to make even the most pock marked  full figured  girl a a reality TV star… unfortunately when she shows up for the in person interview...

But let's roll back to a time when you had no idea if the image was good until the film was developed and fix then inspected under the enlarger.

Artistically, visually and market wise,  I know exactly what I have the minute I click the shutter and I can often tell before processing or editing which frame  will be the image used.  Technically,  the error rate is so small at this point  as to be a non issue.  Yes  the E-6  film could be physically damaged or there could be a problem in the B&W processing.  Very rare.

Back then those who could take on a job and produce results and when a prof. photog. was in great demand,are all gone.

Not quite. Unless a few guys in Manhattan- among others- have croaked and I missed the reports.

In a world that expects instant results, digital photography has unfortunately, created a race of mind-sets that after a few takes, they go about calling themselves 'prof. photographers' How pathetic.

Look how the wedding photog. industry has suffered from el cheapo digital shutterbugs. More and more of the profession is being lost to those who think because they have a wiz bang setup, they're God's gift to the art. How pathetic.

Can't comment on family work. I'm a WTF language , Sterling with a hooker  joke  kinda guy.  Not exactly a new kind of family friendly personality. Lol.

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