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Re: D810 AF-S question

Thanks, I did not realize, that the camera is still checking the AF in AF-S, without AF-ON button being engaged. Now it's clear to me (finally).


Well, the other option is "focus priority", by wich the camera prevents the picture from being taken when it will presumably be OOF, and taking OOF pictures is deemed useless. By choosing "release" you defeat this feature, and pictures can be taken even if the green focus-confirm light is not ON, and the focus area is over an OOF target. Mind you, it will allow useless pictures to be taken sometimes, if the camera operator makes mistakes, subject does not maintain distance, etc...

It is an excellent technique.  I usually work with two identical cameras, one fit with the 24-70, AF-ON only, and the other with the 70-200, normal shutter focus.

I feel the AF-ON technique is much more useful with wa to normal focal lengths, less so with teles.  I prefer to use the AF-ON-continuous focus variety: briefly press the AF-On button to acquire focus and release, re-press whenever you want to refresh focus.  Press the AF-ON button constantly, even while shooting,  if suddenly you have to follow-focus a subject. Same deal, "release" must be chosen for AF-c.

The AF brain is always ON while the meter is active: check the behaviour of the green focus confirm light (or "focus aid" ): it is constantly monitoring the focus condition under the focus area in use. Even if the AF motors are disengaged such as in manual focus, AF-ON button technique, use of non- AF lenses.

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