Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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I've found that digital has greatly increased my post work since using film back in the day. With film I would take 5 hours tops to finish a difficult print and a few more to hand tint it if needed.

With digital I can sometimes take way over 30 hours to finish one shot. Digital has made things both easier and more complex depending on how you want it.

the key words there is how you want it. No one is forcing you to do more digitally than you did in the darkroom.

This shot here is over 30 images focus stacked, exposure blended, and panorama stitched. Entirely by hand on the computer with little automation, since I get better result doing it manually. I stopped counting the time after 30 hours on the computer.!i=2380109366&k=bMMc2jq&lb=1&s=A

This image here was also difficult in term of complexity. It was exposure blended, focus stacked, vertical panorama, light painted, zoom blended, perspective blended, and some other secret sauce.!i=2719539430&k=JLVmKSn&lb=1&s=A

Anyone who says digital has made everything easier, has never pushed digital to its limits. It has made things vastly more complex and difficult for those who choose to make the best of it.

Not a fair comparison since there was no analog equivalent of stitching panoramas.

Indeed, when you get 50 sliders with 150 levels in each slider, there are more atoms in the universe than all the combination you could try....

It's not that complicated. In the darkroom one would at the most basic level control crop, exposure, contrast and color balance. Going further one could do things like dodge and burn freehand or through masks, and unsharp mask. Outside of the ability to digitally control highlights and shadows, in most cases I do only the things I did in the darkroom in Lightroom. That's all most of my images need.

A lot of tools in many image editing apps are not even necessary or are doing the same thing you can do with another tool. I think many of the developers of those apps are simply cramming in as much stuff as they can to make the app seem more capable than it really is. Paint Shop Pro and a lot of plugins are good examples of that.

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