Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: One word: POLAROID

Weegee wrote:

I used to go through cases of the stuff in 8 x 10, 4 x 5 and packs. Without it, many "great" photographers would not have been called "great." Of course, I'm talking about studio and commercial photography in general. I had a Polaroid back for my Nikon F2 ( could take 2 shots on a piece of Polaroid film ) that I would mainly use for exposure ( it was about as good as the first LCDs on digital cameras in the early 2000 ).

Darkroom work had a certain soothing affect on me. Processing was a satisfying experience with many interesting variables. But the "piece de resistance" was seeing the print magically fade in as the developer took affect on the blank sheet of white paper! Sort of like the old Polaroid SX-70.

Finally, there was nothing like an evening set aside to make prints. The tools included a bottle of Jack Daniels, some Miles Davis vinyl 33rpm albums and a good sodium vapor safe light. At the end of the night I had 7 good prints and 40 mediocre ones in the wastebasket.

Those were the days!

So were the "Wet Collodion" days...

I'm kidding and share you sentiment but gone to the dark  side and PP away.

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