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Re: please recommend point & shoot

racollins wrote:

I heartily recommend the 330 HS as well. It's just a great camera, plain and simple. If AA batteries are a must however, the SX150 and SX160 are decent performers and fairly nice to handle; I personally like the image quality from the 150 better than that of the 160. If you don't mind an older camera and will be shooting mostly in daylight, some of the older A-series are excellent performers, like the A710 (35-210mm lens), A720 (same lens), and the A650 (same focal length as the other two), although the A650 has more noise in its images even at lower ISOs, but the pictures and very sharp and the detail it captures is amazing. It's a slightly larger sensor in the 650 and it shows. This one is usually a bit more expensive though. But try to convince them to get the 330's an impressive little camera!


I also recommend the 330HS. In a choice review of about 40-50 camera's last year it got No 1 for image quality from cameras priced from around $150-$400. I bought two one for my father in law and one for our family. Its quite impressive in low light conditions (up to ISO1600) too and has some manual controls.



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