Bushnell Red Dot Sight on a GH4

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Bushnell Red Dot Sight on a GH4

This is a continuation of a thread asking about using EXTERNAL OVFs to find/track BIF . Instead of pursuing EXTERNAL OVFs I followed HiFi's advice to continue with Red Dot Sights and got a Bushnell First Strike because of its eye relief, compactness, long battery life and general construction.

Bushnell First Strike Red Dot Sight can be mounted on a Weaver/Pickatinny rail ... clamp is on back side and is tightened by allen screw.

Although Photosolve's Xtend-a-sight is very attractive it is apparently no longer available.

So I decided to make a mount to fit a hotshoe slot.

[Basically a 3/4" x 1/16" section which is geometrically shaped to fit snugly into the slot. Bottom covered with that red tuck tape used for building wrap as an insulator from the contacts. Above that is a < 1/16" spacer then a 3/4" x 1/8" section that is attached to the rail. All from extruded aluminum bar. Prototype is "glued" together with "Crazy Glue". Final version will be "JB Weld" as it will give me a bit more time to align everything. Prototype is within the "windage" and "range" adjustment limits of RDS. I'll post some photos later.]

Here's the important part:

I've been trying various combinations of Auto Exposure variables and Auto Focus variables using the Panny 100-300mm on the GH4. RDS is very nice at 100 mm but I need more practice at 300 mm for erratic birds.

AE: Spot Metering with some + EC if I am shooting birds against a bright sky, EC=0 when shooting against landscape. Adjusted for crows / seagulls.

AF: In spite of what folks say about the GH4's AF-C in burst mode, I am getting better results by shooting AF-S, small/medium center square, single shot.

I went out a few hours ago, around 6 pm, to see what was happening along the Inlet and tried some RDS:

close in at FL 300 mm, spot metered, +1/3 EC, low quartering sun, single small area, AF-S, single shot, using RDS only for finding.

Probably 1/4 area crop

Small crop --- only to convert from AR4:3 to AR3:2

Different trial, a little later.

Gull was sitting on crosspiece. Set Camera to AFF ( TRACKING ) and Burst. pre-focused on bird and punched the shutter when the bird started to move. It appeared that the AF tracked the bird quite well for the first 5 shots

Tracked with RDS. Here are some of the uncropped images in the sequence. I am impressed and will try this technique again to get birds when they take off. At least for the first few frames the AF is well beyond the DOF.




P.114 This (the fifth shot in the sequence) is unacceptably OOF.

This Redwing BB was singing nearby from a nearby bush so I reset the GH4 back to AF-S, smallest square, Single shot and grabbed it! MUCH easier for me!

Lots to learn.

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