V2 vs V3 help . . .

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jack scholl
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V2 vs V3 help . . .

We just got the new V3 kit. Having used a rental V2 for the past week, the initial impressions of the V3 are not too positive.

First, we carefully researched the spec differences and clearly the V3 has a lot of advantages (speed, focus points, 4GB, Fn buttons, fit and finish, etc).

But there sure are a lot of odd things . . .

1. The grip (while necessary) seems like a real odd solution. It looks like an after thought and the fit with the body contact looks like a long term problem. It already did not connect properly the 2nd time I put it on.

2. The 3 function buttons look like a solution looking for a problem. For our use (mostly BIF), "meter" is the most likely to change. The ergonomic of the V2 seemed to work very well in this regard.

3. The battery changing issue seems like a real issue, coupled with No 1. above. And given the smaller battery capacity, this operation could be frequent.

4. This microSD card is TINY! (and we only have 8 or 9 extra SD cards). Taking it out of the camera (I tried once) is for young folks with small fingers.

I picked up the V2 and in 5 minutes felt very comfortable . . . after 3 hours the V3 still feels clumsy.

So, please help!! We will give it a test this weekend, but will have to decide next week if we want to keep it or not.

Anyone with experience using both bodies, please give me your thoughts.

1. Will the V3 advantages (crop ability, speed, etc) make up for all the awkwardness?

2. How big a difference is IQ between the 2 bodies?

3. Any other insights on the pros/cons between the bodies are appreciated.

We read all the reviews we could find before deciding to try it (most of them mentioned all the things above, so wey weren't surprises).  But sum of all these "little things" really has distracted from the experience of using the V3.  The ultimate question is which body is best for optimizing the use of the 70-300.?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you folks can provide.


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