What to keep if switching from a mount to emount

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What to keep if switching from a mount to emount

Hi all,

I'm a Sony shooter with a580 and original a77. I'm seriously considering dumping all or lots of it and going with an a7 or a7r. I can't afford new zeiss glass for e-mount, but would probably look at some Minolta primes or other legacy glass with adapters for landscape work.

The amount lenses I have now are as follows, with my thoughts on keep or ditch. Please let me know if I am proposing anything obviously foolish here:

Tokina 11-16/2.8 - Ditch because it's not full frame and is mainly a landscape/architecture lens, for which I would now be using my a7.

Sony 16-50/2.8 - Ditch because it's not full frame and still holds lots of value to help fund the emount kit.  (On the other hand, it's an ideal lens to keep if I decide to only sell one aMount body.)

Sony 70-300G - Keep because there isn't as good of a telephoto available for emount yet, and if I keep either of my a-mount bodies it is well balanced on them and a go-to AF solution for kids sports and wildlife shooting.

Minolta 35-70/f4 - Keep because it's full frame, will still be sharp on an a7 and has some macro capabilities. Could actually be my walkaround lens on the a7 for starters.

Minolta 50/1.7 - Keep because they're cheap and sharp and full-frame coverage and useful on both mounts.

If I do the above, and acquire maybe 20 or 24mm prime legacy lens, I should be set for a solid and functional a7 kit in my mind without purchasing any native emount glass - is this a reasonable expectation?

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