The Quattro Sensor and Luma

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Re: Use Octave or Matlab

JimKasson wrote:

Joofa wrote:

Since, you are using an equation of the form, Y = a*T + b*M + c*L, in an overdetermined configuration, with squared error as distance measure, there could be only one minimum solution and that is the global minimum, and as mentioned above, may be obtained by a single line of code in Matlab or Octave.

I've had a lot of things on my plate the last few days. Can you tell me what that single line of Matlab code is? Does it have "fminsearch" in it?

No need for 'fminsearch'.

Make a matrix in Octave/Matlab as A = [T M L];

And the code to get [a b c]' is: (A'*A)^-1*A'*Y; - Please notice the transposes (').

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