DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

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Re: DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

Mr. Crazy, you should look at pixel dimensions and the grass texture in the lawn - it's obvious they are not switched.

Still not obvious to me.  In non-chromatic resolution the 5D3 can hang with the dp2m, if not surpass.

The problem with bayers is when a neighboring color pixel smears its color over.  So in the 5d3 image of the mailbox numbers, which are black on white, you can't see any color, which is what I'd expect from the Foveon.  However, on the dp2m shot, you can see faint specs of red, whcih is what I'd expect from a bayer.  Also the mailbox "arm" on the dp2m has red diagonal stripes, which are less on the 5d3.

So I either think they are switched, or are just bad examples.  The dp2m should look a lot better IMHO.

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