Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

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Re: Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

moimoi wrote:

Chimere wrote:

Nothing special, a keeper, but have done worse, the best I could make of the given the situation, showing the fun and emotion of dance.

What do you find on bad in it ?


Here is one that breaks all rules. most likely a 35 mm lens, subject is centered, disturbing background (barn), and 1:1 ratio sky:ground.... I don't see any rules in this shot, but it is a pretty darn good shot.

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Photography is about time, space, expression, and - ultimately - capturing light. This formula may sound easy, but actually capturing the "ideal" photograph is far more complex to accomplish as our own perceptions and responses vary according to each individual. Photography is inherently driven by human subjectivity, but the general feeling is that a superb photograph is widely appreciated, as it commonly depicts a striking and universal concept. I believe this process should be sought by many of us, who deeply enjoy capturing and sharing photographs that embrace life and depict what we are.

No rules ? I see plenty, half of them broken. Two subjects, the main in the middle, horizon in the middle (granted, positive breaks). One more not broken rule: diagonal lines leading to the main subject.

Nice picture, but just good enough to illustrate the magic of Pink Floyd.

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