Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

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Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

moimoi wrote:

If the condition of the male dancer - the central eye catching topic in the image - is of no importance to the image, what is then ?

You said "The male looks to me like an out of place mannequin". Tell me how it is relevant in photography. Whether he is a good looking chap or not has absolutely no relevance in what the photograph is about.

What I can tell you is that this guy was probably a MUCH better dancer than most of us.

The male might be a good dancer, and we are not interested if he is handsome, or not. The camera caught him in an very unfortunate pose. Specially for "Tango". "Tango" is a closed formation dance (see pic below: courtesy of Wikipedia), and no jumping. My opinion, but perhaps confirmed with previous post (see "cut out", much better than "mannequin").

Granted, timing is difficult with fast dance action. I would have gone in rapid shoot mode, and select the best suited frame to fit the title and my taste.

I think it is more a style than anything else. I typically don't follow rules, and follow more my instinct, and it seems to work best for me. My best shots are generally those that break the golden rules.

Yes, rules. They are there not by accident. Breaking them can create special effects. Which one would that be in that "Tango" picture ? I looked at your portfolio, perhaps mostly at the architecture collection though. From there it appears to me that you are in love with breaking that rule of the thirds. Your style, that is fine. However, breaking rules just because they can be broken does not create better results.

A rule which to follow would have been of benefit for your picture, is the concept of having always more than one, best limited to two, obvious subjects in one image. The idea being that the eye of the viewer will scan back and forth while taking in the story. In the Tango picture than I would have arranged for an observer (head and shoulder pic from behind) grossly out of focus, to the left 1/3, with the dancers to the right top third. It would give the picture depth, puts the viewer into the position of the observer.

Placing the dancers into one third, alone, would have made the people sitting on the bench behind the second subject - a much better image, in my opinion.

To confirm that your instincts are right, put the image into the challenge "my best shot of the week" and see which placement it gets. If you think it does not matter if your images touch the audience, but must please yourself first, asking for feed back is of no good purpose.

Just my opinion and experiences, no lecturing intended.

No bad feelings, eh ?

Changed my mind: included also one of my "Tango" shots, street photography.


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