Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

superevolvedfish wrote:

The gold car photo posted on the first page is only 2712x1808=4.90Mp therefore most likely taken using the Q 1:1:1 low-res mode (exact resolution match), I think it looks the most 3D of maybe any image I've ever seen, and more so than anything I have shot with my Merrills, and so it should, I am very excited about this 1:1:1 Q mode! To be sure though we'd have to see an identical shot taken with an M and a Bayer.

The photo was a full size RAW but output at 1:1:1 from SPP. Theoretically that should be the same as shooting half size RAW in the camera, but in practice I think low res mode might look a tiny bit sharper still.

Processing was just reducing noise reduction, adding +0.2 fill light and reducing exposure -0.3 to compensate for the fill light. Everything else on defaults, Daylight WB. That's what I enjoyed with my first Sigma, the original DP2: The files require very little work to look pleasing. I think I can get similar results from a DP2M, but it's a harder beast to tame IMHO.

I agree that Plasma pops in a way LCD just doesn't, but full size Q images look pretty neat on a 4K TV too.

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