nex5n to a RX10. thoughts a week on

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Re: nex5n to a RX10. thoughts a week on

Setter Dog wrote:

Paul_B Midlands UK wrote:

Dont worry going from apc to 1 inch

I love it ...
Mr B

Paul,...If I understand your post correctly, you feel the IQ is essentially as good from the 1" sensor as the APS C? How does the RX10 hold up under a serious crop? Sounds like a great camera. Thanks for your opinions. With the recent price drop, the RX 10 should have a new burst of popularity.


I Have a RX10, It's pretty darn nice for video, actually its great for video, but, The 1" sensor has it's limits in it's still image abilities. I have never been a real lover of Sony's still image's. This 1" sensor is good, and better than many compacts for sure, but It's not quite there to compete to most Apsc sensors. Soon as I can afford a Panasonic GH4 I'm getting one. I love there video and there still image tech is very good. I'm mostly a Video guy, with an occasional serious photoshoot, I also really like the Fuji Cameras for still images, very purist. great lens's, crap video though. I may get a Fuji XPro2 when they come out just for Photo shoots.

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