Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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are you lazy?

I can't stand posts that tell US how lazy the rest of us are. Posts with blanket criticism that show the author is ignorant of our current culture. Posts that complain and whine, but the poster has no point and no solution, and isn't willing to lead the way.

Please speak for yourself, not for me! Then go out and look for the good, for 95% of everything, at anytime, is bad, and finding thing to complain about is easy.

Great professional photographers are still in demand. But the bar has been raised. It's no longer good enough to be "adequate." You have to be great. The average person today has been shooting some type of photo since they were preten. A lot of them are junk. But, just like anything else, from basketball to violin players, a tiny percentage are going to grow up and be great. Be happy everyone is shooting!

The greatest photos in history are being produced today. Period. If you can't find 'em, that's your problem.

star shooter wrote:

While it's sad to see the demise of film, chemicals and darkroom work, I wonder how many could master film as good as they do now with digital. Not many I reckon.

Digital has in many ways, allowed many more to ge into the art but it has also made us lazy too, in the way we expect an instant picture and if we don't like we take another.

But let's roll back to a time when you had no idea if the image was good until the film was developed and fix then inspected under the enlarger. Back then those who could take on a job and produce results and when a prof. photog. was in great demand, are all gone.

In a world that expects instant results, digital photography has unfortunately, created a race of mind-sets that after a few takes, they go about calling themselves 'prof. photographers' How pathetic.

Look how the wedding photog. industry has suffered from el cheapo digital shutterbugs. More and more of the profession is being lost to those who think because they have a wiz bang setup, they're God's gift to the art. How pathetic.

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