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Re: please recommend point & shoot

My wife and I have a couple of older Canon cameras that use AA batteries.  Alkaline AA's don't last well at all and go flat in relatively few shots.  Rechargeable AA's will last longer; but they self discharge and then you have the bother of keeping them topped up.  The solution we use is to use Energizer Lithium Ion batteries which are non-rechargeable; but they do not self discharge and have amazing capacity.  About 5-600 shots in our cameras.  My wife keeps her camera in a very small bag along with a spare pair of batteries and a spare memory card.  She never has to worry about dead batteries.  I use almost the same camera with the same batteries to keep in my car.  It's always ready.  The downside of using Energizer Lithiums is that they cost about $10 for four batteries; but given their life (10 years on the shelf) and capacity and convenience, it's worth the cost for the occasional shooter.  I also use those batteries in my flashes, as I don't use them often.

Having said that, the current cameras using AA batteries are bottom rung in quality.  The better cameras these days all use proprietary rechargeable lithium batteries.  Between my wife and I, we have 7 cameras.  Only the two mentioned above use AA.  A solution might be to seek out one of the better older models, most likely used.  My wife's was bought new, mine was $45, used, in EX+ condition from KEH.

Does she need wide angle?  Most of the older Canon A series started at 35 mm, equivalent.  If 35 mm is wide enough, then the A710IS, A720IS, and A590IS come to mind.

If you can talk her into rechargeable batteries, then my recommendation is the Elph 330.

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