Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

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Tango - Sony a99 / Rokinon 35mm f/1.4

Have to join the others with my five cents worth of wisdom. Unfortunately I find not much good to say. The essences of Tango - emotion, motion, closeness, protest, rebellion ? - are lacking. The male looks to me like an out of place mannequin.

To make the subject "popping out" 35 mm - specially on FF A99 - may not be the best choice, in my opinion - not only for the lack of shallow DFO. The use of longer FL provides closeness and intimacy for the image.

Then I might be riding on a quite different wave in the feel for photography then the OP, who seems to prefer putting subjects in the center (see the gallery). That may not work well in a dance pose, where movement - space to move into ? - is essential.

Doing the Tango, I would attempt to get a close up, while showing most of the bodies, providing also detail on the facial expression of the performers, showing emotion, an essential part of Tango - and photography.


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